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Application of german beer making machine home:
1.The beer brewing equipment is widely used in homas brewing dairy product processing etc...
2.Its features provide commercial brewery functionality at a consumer good price.
3.It is easy to use and loaded with standard features
Features of german beer making machine home:
1. Our puree brewing beer is brewed under sterile conditions throughout the fermentation liquid
out of the beer to maximize the retention of the active substances and nutrients is upscale and the freshest beer fully retained the amino acids produced during fermentation protein and a lot of potassium magnesium calcium zinc and other trace elements the most critical is to retain a large number of active yeast can effectively improve the body's digestion and absorption while maintaining most of the original beer freshest taste Wheat rich golden color foam is extremely rich milky white delicate long-lasting hanging cup the real high-end products in beer beer is available simply can not match.
2 Our beer is brewed green beer liquid puree loaded directly from the fermentor carve . Compared with other beer unfiltered beer in our puree in the brewing process not inactivated by high temperature pasteurization process was hazy like puree of fresh and delicious and nutritious also fully preserved ; cryogenic filling and storage (0 ~ 5 °C) instantaneous lock the freshness of the first time the unparalleled taste delicious authentic pure.
3 Our beer brewing yeast puree quality fresh rich in essential amino acids vitamins and mineralswhich are particularly rich in the amino acid content the ratio of amino acids near the UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) recommended ratio and the yeast nutritional value of the protein close to animal protein can effectively improve the nutritional proportion of mankind.

Name Equipment Specification Volume Material Quantity
Mash system Saccharification, filtration, boiling 50L 70 Stainless steel 1
Grinder ZH-80 80kg/h cast steel 1
Mastered pump 1t/h      / Stainless steel 1
Fermentation system Fermentation tank 50L      / Stainless steel 2
Cooling system Ice water tank 120L       / Stainless steel 1
Control system Control cabinet      /       /      / 1



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