Which rights can Hento’s VIP customers enjoy?

Which rights can Hento’s VIP customers enjoy?

Hento Group company officially carry out VIP customer service.The VIP customers can usually enjoy the following rights:

1.Enjoy discount when he or she place order again.Usually the discount is at least 5%,based on the retail price.Except the handful special-sale products, almost all of the products can be discounted by more than 5%.

2.Get commission,which is 1% of the total amount of the orders which the new customers place, if the regular customers introduce new customers to our company.For the details,please read <Are you ready to Earn Commission from Hento Company?> for reference.
3.Prioritize rights to deal with their orders.In the busy season,there are a lot of orders needing our workers to deal with.The VIP customers’ order will be earlier dealed than the other orders.
4.The opportunity to win a lottery.The detailed introduction is in this article:<Anyone who sent enquiry to our company will have opportunities to win a lottery>.
5.The priority right to know our company news.For examples,when our company will hold sales promotion,or develope new products,we will notive our VIP customers at the first time.
The rights are so abundant.How to become one VIP customer of Hento company?
There are two ways to let you to become VIP customer.

1.Free way. Anyone who placed one order to us in the past,and he or she showed positive review on his or her social platform,such as Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter,Wechat and so on.After he or she sent the screenshot to the sales representative,he or she will be registered as one VIP customer.
2.Arrange reserve.If some one haven’t placed order to us,he or she can also become one VIP customer if he or she pay USD 500 to us as a reserve.This reserve can be regarded as part amout of the goods for the last order.That is,after the customer place one order and give positive review,he or she can use this reserve to be part payment of the goods,while he or she can be kept as one VIP customer.
When you become one VIP customer,you will get a VIP card.Please show your VIP card before you enjoy VIP services.The VIP card is as following sample:


In order to standardize management,from 1st September,2019, all VIP customers need to show VIP card when he or her enjoy VIP services. If you are already one VIP customers of our company but have not yet received a VIP card, please let your sales representative know. She will help you to deal with this affair.

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