Instruction for using VIP card

Instruction for using VIP card

In order to help you use your VIP card well, please read this instruction carefully.
Please make sure that your card is in activation state when you get your VIP card.The VIP Card can be used only when it is activated.If your card is not activated,please choose one of the following three methods to activate your card:
1.If you get the VIP card by spending $500,usually the sales representative helped you to activate it before the card is sent out.And the sales representative usually helped you to write down the valid date on the right of “VALIDITY PERIOD” on the card.You only need to check the information and then begin to use it.
2. If you get your VIP card after purchasing the goods and showing positive review on your social platform(such as Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter,Wechat and so on.),please do send the screenshot to your sales representative after you made the positive review.Your sales representative will help you activate the card. In order to make it easier for you to remember the valid period, please use the sticky note paper to write the validity period and paste it on the right side of the “Validity Period” after you got the physical card in your hand.If it’s an electronic card,you don’t need do anything,because your sales representative has already helped you to write down the valid period before he or she sent it to you.
3. If you get your VIP card by one special way, please refer to the second way to active your card. It is important to remind that this card is usually valid for only one week.

In order to protect your personal rights, please sign your name on the back of the card.If your sales representative has already helped you to write down your name,you needn’t sign again.

The cardholder’s information and the valid period of every card are recorded in Hento company’s database. Both physical card and electronic card are equally valid. Please don’t alter your card because the unauthorized modifications are invalid.
For your convenience, there is a brief instruction on the back of the card.Please check it at any time.
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