Banana Chips Production Line


Banana Chips Production Line


Banana Chips Production Line Process: Green Banana Peeling Machine – Banana Chips Slicing Machine – Electric Heating Banana Chips Frying Machine

Banana Chips Production Line


Product Description

1.Green Banana Peeling Machine
(1).Artificial filler, it need 1.0 seconds to peeling a banana.
(2).Peeled Clearly.
(3).High capacity,it can peel 60-360pcs/min.
(4.)This machine is suitable for any size, curvature of the green banana peel.
(5).Peel the bananas were separated and automatic output.

2.Banana Chips Cutting Machine
Using Scope:
This machine is best suited for hotels, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions canteens and food production and processing enterprises, processing a variety of large diameter, cylindrical roots, stems, fruits (including bananas, lemon, radish, lotus root, etc.) serial sections.

Working Principle:
When the machine working, knife (cutter) for high-speed synchronous rotation of the feed material into the mouth, in a fall, is rotated knife cut sheet, and then fall through the feed opening, complete the slicing process.

Production Features:
1. The main parts are frame, transmission parts, knife set (with cutter), the inlet, the discharge port etc.
2.Its made of stainless steel 304 to ensure long-term, no-loss, non-toxic, harmless.
3. The speed of belt and blade is controlled by an inverter accurately, to cut the size you want.
4.The speed of knife and belt can be adjusted by inverter accurately and the cutting size can meet with your need in the range of 1-60mm.

3.Electric Heating Banana Chips Frying Machine
Fried equipment series: Fried single machine, semi-automatic machine, Fried line (automatic machine), hanging frying machine and filter oil machine, deoiling machine, mixing machine and other supporting equipment, heating methods mainly include electric heating, coal heating, gas heating, heat conduction oil heating, heating kerosene, etc.Including the international advanced mixing technology of oil and water and oil technology.


Technical Parameter

Green Banana Peeling Machine Name: Single Feeding Inlet Green Banana Peeling Machine Name:Double Feeding Inlet green banana peeling machine
Model:  HT-DK150 Model: HT-SK320
Dimension: 950*730*930mm Dimension: 2040*940*1020mm
Voltage: 380v 50Hz Voltage: 380v 50Hz
Power: 0.37kw Power: 0.74kw
Power: 150kg/h Power: 320kg/h
Power: 84kg Power: 260kg
Banana Chips Cutting Machine Model: HT-QPJ50

Cutting Speed: 600r/min

Motor power: 0.75KW

Rated Voltage: 308V/220V  50HZ

Pipe: 4

Dimension: 1000*900*580mm

Weight: 85Kg

Electric Heating Banana Chips Frying Machine Model: HT-ZYJ1200

Power: 36kw

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Heating: Electric

Dimension: 1800*1000*1500mm

Weight: 220kg

Capacity: 20kg/time


Product Pictures

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions -- × -- × -- mm




Stainless Steel 304







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