Electric Corn Husk Peeling Machine


Electric Corn Husk Peeling Machine


This machine is mainly used to remove corn husk, it is very popular at home and abroad, the machine is very practical and durable.

Electric Corn Husk Peeling Machine


Product Description

Corn peeling machine is consist of the stripping mechanism, pressure transmitter and ear distribution device and so on.
1). The main part of the peeling machine is a stripping roller, its role is to remove the stem and leaf mixture and peel the ear epidermis. The principle is a relatively rotating pair of rollers to grasp and peel off the epidermis of the ear that moves on it, while pulling the epidermis and stem-leaf mixture under the roll and stripping the epidermis. Stripping roller gap by the compression spring to ensure that, do not often adjust.
2). The pressure transmitter is very important to improve the quality of the peeling and improve the productivity of the peeling device. It raises the ear to the surface of the peeling roller, thereby increasing the friction of the peeling roller to the ear and promoting the fluffy skin and making the stripping roll better And then periodically relaxes the pegs on the peeling roller so that its performance rotates around the axis so that the spikes are brought into contact with the stripping roll to the surrounding skin, causing the ear to be raised at the time of peeling, which facilitates Avoid falling at the end of the ear. Because the machine adopts the whole rubber peeling roller, the roller surface has spiral ribs, the left and right rollers are engaged with each other, used in pairs, because the rubber friction coefficient is large, so no need to add the press.


Technical Parameter

Model HT-BPJ50
Capacity 6000-8000pcs/h
Dimension 90*55*110cm
Weight 96kg
Voltage 220v, 50hz, 3kw


Product Pictures

Weight 96 kg
Dimensions 900 × 550 × 1100 mm




Stainless Steel and others







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