Electric Egg Grading Machine


Electric Egg Grading Machine

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After the operator (1-2 people) puts the egg on the conveyor line, the equipment can be automatically distributed to different collection baskets according to the weight of the egg. The equipment has reliable performance and convenient operation. The efficiency is high, and the egg is not easily broken during the grading process.

Electric Egg Grading Machine

Product Description                                        

1.The frame structure is made of 304 stainless steel. The weight of the equipment is light, the strength is good, and the appearance is beautiful.
2, the parts are consistent, no difference, with good interchangeability
3, knife conveyor, lever weighing principle, accurate weighing, easy to adjust
4, eccentric sprocket and compensation sprocket transmission structure to improve efficiency
5, using the cam gear structure and chain drive, so that the eggs are weighed in order and not damaged
6, self-rolling rubber wheel, automatically adjust the arrangement of the eggs
7, light inspection cover, through the light inspection can detect the quality of the egg (optional)

Technical parameters   

Model HT-EG4000
Capacity 4000pcs/h
Material Carbon steel/SUS
Precision ±0.5g
Grade 7
Power 200W
Voltage 220v
Length* Width* Height 1438*1320*980mm
Net weight 160kg
Gross weight 200kg
Function Grading eggs by weight

 Product Pictures     

Egg Size Sorting Machine Egg Sorting Machine Egg Grader Sorter   
Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 1438 x 1320 x 980 mm







Stainless Steel






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