Electric Rice Milling Machine


Electric Rice Milling Machine


Wheel-type rice peeling Milling Machine (small hulling machine) compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, easy to move, low power consumption, long service life and easy operation and maintenance, processing of various varieties of rice, the rice husk and rice bran isolated, less broken rate. Machined milled rice bright white, fragrant taste, very tasty.

Electric Rice Milling Machine


Product Description

The HT-NMJ350/HT-NMJ03 model is mainly composed of three parts: rice machine, motor and frame. The rice machine is mainly composed of the cover, the middle seat, the base, the shaft body, the rice sieve, the feeding hopper, the sliding screen, the pulley and the adjusting device. Most of the rice can be processed into rice or milled rice mills to process millet, and the separation of rice and alfalfa is completed at the same time. However, the water content and impurities of the processed material will directly affect the rice quality (generally It is recommended that the moisture content of the sun-dried rice is about 15%).

Small household rice mills can be used for corn, wheat, barley, beans, buckwheat, coffee shelling and peeling process, the family unit, urban supermarkets, food stores, farmers markets, etc. have a good machine wheel in the on-site processing, screen films and knife rice mill, a fan in a lower base, are uniformly distributed in the body row bran channel, its special features are: cereal peeling machine spindle is composed of major and minor axes plug from each other, in the long axis Plug the stub of a bearing gap, major and minor axes of the motor are connected and arranged in the long axis of the pulley is greater than provided in the minor axis of the pulley, fan installed in the lower minor wheel to overlay installation in the major axis.
Advantages are: to achieve the differential rotation of the fan and the wheel, increase the amount of bran row, even if the accumulation of long working hours will not cause bran, reduces the rate of grain crushing, grain after processing will not doping bran cereal Shaikang treatment without peeling, greatly improving the grain off the net rate and efficiency.


Technical Parameter

Model HT-NMJ350 HT-NMJ03
Voltage 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
Power 7.5kw 22KW
Capacity 350-400kg/h 1ton/h
Dimension 1300*600*1300mm 700* 1500* 1300m
Weight 180KG 450KG


Product Pictures

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 1300 × 600 × 1300 mm




Stainless Steel and others





380V 50HZ


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