Electronic Weight Sorting Machine


Electronic Weight Sorting Machine


Electronic Weight Sorting Machine can Sort products by weight.

Electronic Weight Sorting Machine

Product Description

1.The use of imported special dynamic weighing unit to achieve high-speed stable measurement;

2.10 inch large size color touch screen interface, simple operation, intuitive display;

3.Automatic sorting, eliminating human error;

4.English and Chinese bilingual design;

5.Automatic zero analysis and tracking system to ensure the detection stability;

6.Embedded temperature noise compensation system to ensure reliable data;

7.Powerful data statistics, record the daily test data, can store 100 sets of product data to facilitate customer calls, and a sudden power failure data will not be lost;

8.Conveyor system adopts frequency control mode to facilitate the speed before and after;

9.Simple mechanical structure, quick disassembly cleaning and maintenance;

Technical parameters

Model HT-FJ500
Chicken type Whole chicken
Max weight for Chicken 5kg
Weighting range 500 to 5000G
The size of sorting outlet 450mm
Grading 4
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Size of air source 8mm
The pressure of air source 0.8Mpa
Diemensions 5500*1200*1600mm

Product Pictures

Peanut Weight Sorting Machine

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 5500 × 1200 × 1600 mm




Stainless Steel 304






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