Electronic Weight Sorting Machine


Electronic Weight Sorting Machine

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Electronic Weight Sorting Machine can Sort products by weight.

Electronic Weight Sorting Machine

Product Description

1.The use of imported special dynamic weighing unit to achieve high-speed stable measurement;

2.10 inch large size color touch screen interface, simple operation, intuitive display;

3.Automatic sorting, eliminating human error;

4.English and Chinese bilingual design;

5.Automatic zero analysis and tracking system to ensure the detection stability;

6.Embedded temperature noise compensation system to ensure reliable data;

7.Powerful data statistics, record the daily test data, can store 100 sets of product data to facilitate customer calls, and a sudden power failure data will not be lost;

8.Conveyor system adopts frequency control mode to facilitate the speed before and after;

9.Simple mechanical structure, quick disassembly cleaning and maintenance;

Technical parameters

Model HT-FJ500
Chicken type Whole chicken
Max weight for Chicken 5kg
Weighting range 500 to 5000G
The size of sorting outlet 450mm
Grading 4
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Size of air source 8mm
The pressure of air source 0.8Mpa
Diemensions 5500*1200*1600mm

Product Pictures

Peanut Weight Sorting Machine

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 5500 x 1200 x 1600 mm




Stainless Steel 304






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