Fish Deboning Machine


Fish Deboning Machine


Mainly used to extract the flesh of fish from fish skin and fishbone, separate shrimp meat from shrimp shell. High productivity but less time and energy. The food touching places are adopted highquality stainless steel, meeting the requirements of national food hygienic standards.

Fish Deboning Machine

Product Description

Fish meat bone  is mainly used in fish meat collect and pick up. This machine can separate fish meat from fish bone, fish skin, fish tendon in order to raise the fish use rate and save manpower. This machine is mainly made by stainless steel.. it can debone small whole fish or half bigger fish or fish leftover.

Fish deboner machine is equipped with rubber bands for meat barrel and meat squeeze. By the mutual squeezing motion of scrolling meat barrel and rotary rubber bands,squeeze the fish into fish drums, and then leave the skins and bones outside the drum, and at last wiped out of the machine by the scraper.

Application of Fish Deboning Machine

Mainly used to extract the flesh of fish from fish skin and fishbone, separate shrimp meat from shrimp shell. High productivity but less time and energy. The food touching places are adopted highquality stainless steel, meeting the requirements of national food hygienic standards.

Technical parameters

Model HT-YCJ150 HT-YCJ200 HT-YCJ300 HT-YCJ350
Capacity 180kg/h 250kg/h 500kg/h 1500kg/h
Voltage 380v/220v 380v/220v 380v 380v
Power 1.5kw 3kw 3.5kw 7.5kw
Dimension 800*550*800mm 980*800*1000mm 900*750*1250mm 1300*1000*1050mm
Weight 180kg 250kg  360kg 750kg

Product Pictures

Automatic Fish Meat Deboner Fish Meat And Bone Separator Fish Meat Machine Fish Meat Separator Small Fish Meat And Bone Separator Machine

Weight 180 kg





Stainless Steel








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