Fruit Tomato Mango Pulping Machine


Fruit Tomato Mango Pulping Machine


This machine has ChanDaoHe double two models, when used in stone fruits (mango) beating, if choose single channel to nuclear beater, flesh from the hopper into the buffer tank, nuclear from the slag discharge. To nuclear double beater, head to go nuclear, two way beating realizes automatic separate the stone of the fruit, fruit and slag. Recommended users choose priority to nuclear two-channel beater. Beating the principle reference DJ beater.

Fruit Tomato Mango Pulping Machine


Product Description

Fruit beater is suitable for tomatoes after crushing, kiwi, strawberry, apple, pear, and after pre-cooking softening of haw, jujube and other fruit beating separation. Features:
1, automatic slag slurry separation.
2, can be combined on the production line and single machine production.
3, contact with the material of parts with high quality stainless steel, meet the food hygiene.

Structure introduction
1,Single channel denucleation:For denucleate structure, designed to denucleate use;
2,Double channels denucleation:Structure and to the first line of the nuclear structure of single channel pulper, the name of the second structure is beating structure, beating role;
3,Double channels beater:Each structure and single channel beater.
4,Double channels denucleation beater:First channel is the same with single channels denucleation beater no increase in single channel pulper rotor structure., The second channel has the same structure with single channel beater.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kw) Capacity(T)
Dimension(mm) Chanel
HT-MDJ2-0.12 1.5 0.1T/h 1000*830*948 Double
HT-MDJ2-0.5 4.4 0.35T/h 1150*850*1500 Double
HT-MDJ2-4.0 7.5 1.8T/h 1535*1420*1680 Double


Product Pictures

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 1535 × 1420 × 1680 mm





Stainless Steel








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