Non-Fried Instant Noodle Production Line


Non-Fried Instant Noodle Production Line


Non-fried Instant Noodles Production Line Processing:
1.Flour-Mixing Machine 2.Major Machine 3.Boiling Machine 4.Cutting Machine 5.Drying  6.Cooling Machine

Non-Fried Instant Noodle Production Line


Product Description

Automatic small-scale instant noodle production line is a new generation product with miniaturized production characteristics developed and produced by our company on the basis of investigating similar products at home and abroad and combining with the needs of the mass consumer market in China. It has a complete process, compact structure and design. Novel, stable and reliable performance, production from flour to finished product is completed at one time, high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small footprint, investment is only one-tenth of large-scale equipment, with the characteristics of low investment and quick results , Specially suitable for small and medium enterprises. The corrugated instant noodles produced by this production line have short rehydration time, good elasticity, smoothness and transparency.


Technical Parameter

Machine Name Automatic Non-frying instant noodle production line
Number of devices 6
Technological process Flour-Mixing Machine àMajor Machineà Boiling Machine à Cutting Machine àAutomatic Electric Fryer à Cooling Machine
Model HT-FBMJ2
Input Voltage 380V/50HZ
Real Consumption/Installed Power 140KW/80KW
Output 11000pcs/8H
Size 33000*800*1600mm


Product Pictures


Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions 33000 × 800 × 1600 mm




Stainless Steel 304





380V 50HZ


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