Pig Scalding Machine


Pig Scalding Machine


The scalding pool is to use high temperature water to remove pig hair.

Pig Scalding Machine

Product Description

The 304 stainless steel Pig Scalding machine is reinforced inside and outside to prevent the pool from rising after the water is discharged.
The hot pool is designed with inside layer and outside layer, and the middle is filled with thermal insulation material, so that the water temperature will not reduce rapidly and the heat preservation effect is obvious. The heating tube is evenly distributed, and both the water and the heat-conducting oil can be uniformly heated, so that the temperature of the water is stabilized and the heating efficiency is improved. The heating tube is also made of 304 and protected by a steel trough net to prevent the heated object from damaging the heating rod. For users with high power usage, our distribution box is in the form of sub-control, which can be heated at the same time. It can also be heated by partial heating tube to prevent excessive heating of the electric wire and ensure safety. The distribution box adopts a digital display, which can intuitively observe the temperature, and is no longer a fuzzy method that is traditionally used for hand temperature testing.
When using, add 60% water to the machine. The water is preferably tap water or light water to reduce the possibility of scale adhering to the heating rod. Set the temperature, according to the size of the machine, the heating power is different, the heating time is also different. When heating, the electric control box will display the real-time water temperature. When using it, set the temperature so that you can immerse the poultry and livestock in the proper temperature to prevent the scalding or scalding. After use, the hot pool should be cleaned, the waste water should be cleaned, the water in the hot pool should be prevented from deteriorating, and the sediment adhered to the heating rod, causing uneven heating of the heating rod, damaging the heating rod and even causing greater danger.

Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Power Capacity Weight Dimension
HT-PT30 220/380v 40kw 2 pig/batch 1500kg 1700*1500*800mm

Product Pictures

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 1700 × 1500 × 800 mm





Stainless Steel 304






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