Pomegranate Peeling Seed Separator


Pomegranate Peeling Seed Separator


Pomegranate Peel Separator is for separating pulp and peel. Stainless Steel and large capacity.

Pomegranate Peeling Seed Separator


Product Description

Working principle: pomegranate broken fruit from the feed hopper into the device, press the pomegranate fruit breaker on open, two roller clearance to 20 mm, and then into the broken device, broken again pomegranate fruit device under extrusion, two roller clearance to 10 mm, after two-stage extruding of pomegranate has basic flesh separation, and fall into separation device, under the stirring shaft agitation, pomegranate pulp from mesh, pomegranate peel from the tail. Broken fruit roll up and down to the elastic structure, adjustable gap. Pomegranate pulp and juice with screw pump to the juicer.

1. The gap between crushing roller is adjustable, up and down broken roller for elastic structures;
2. The crushing plant instead of cutting device up and down, up and down can be used for the separation of passion fruit and lemon skin and flesh;
3. The stirring shaft and rotating sieve speed is adjustable;
4. Meat the skins and seeds in interest rates: 97% or higher
5. Skin damage rate: 1% or less

Structure: pomegranate peel separator is mainly composed of feed hopper, broken fruit on the device, the broken fruit device, turn screen, stirring shaft, screw pump, frame and other parts. The machine in addition to the transmission part the rest for stainless steel, the stirring shaft stepless speed regulation.


Technical Parameter

Capacity 2T/H 4-6T/h
Power 8.1Kw 12.2Kw
Dimension 2100*885*1900mm 3000*1000*2300


Product Pictures

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 2100 × 885 × 1900 mm




Stainless Steel and Rubber







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