Potato Chips French Fries Production Line


Potato Chips French Fries Production Line


This production line is used for making potato chips and french fries, high efficiency and labor saving.

Potato Chips French Fries Production Line


Product Description

1.The first step is washing and peeling the potatoes. Cleaning & peeling machine or brush type cleaning peeling machine, both of them could finish cleaning and peeling one time, high efficiency and low cost.
2.After that, cut the potatoes, you could cut potato into both slice and bar shape, besides, the thickness and size of them could be adjusted totally as your preference.
3.Thirdly, put the potatoes chips or strips into blanching machine for washing, making them look more attractive.
4. The following step is de-watering in order to save the time of frying and make the products more delicious.
5. Then Fry the potato chips in the oil-water mixture frying machine: This increases greatly the oil’s using cycle, saving lots of cost. What’s more, the exact oil temperature guarantees the good quality and taste of potato chips.
6. De-oiling machine: reduce the oil content of potato chips, make them more delicious.
7. Flavoring machine: adopting spray method, making seasoning even and potato chips noteasy to break.
8. Packing machine: inflate the nitrogen into bag while making packaging. This could prevent the potato chips from being broken and extend the shelf life.


Technical Parameter

Equipment Specification Size Productivity Weight
Washing & peeling machine 1.1kw/380v 700*650*700mm 150kg/h 60kg
Cutting machine 0.75kw/220v 700*400*600 mm 300kg/h 60kg
Blanching machine 21kw/380v 1000*500*900mm 150kg/h 100kg
De-watering machine 1.1kw/380v 1100*650*750mm 150kg/h 260kg
Oil-water mixture frying machine Gas Manual 1600*650*900mm 150kg/h 120kg
De-oiling machine 1.1kw/380v 900*550*750mm 150kg/h 260kg
Flavoring machine 1.1kw/3800v 1300*900*1450mm 150kg/h 90kg
Automatic chips packing machine(with nitrogen-filling) 1.0kw/380v 540*520*920 mm 0-12m/min 50kg


Product Pictures

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions --- × --- × --- mm




Stainless Steel 304 and others







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