Industrial Egg Cleaning Washing Machine


Industrial Egg Cleaning Washing Machine


The high-speed egg washing machine can clean the feces, mucus, litter, weeds, blood spots and other poultry excrement that the eggs show. Especially the pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella on the surface of eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs, these bacteria will penetrate into the inside of the eggs through the egg shell, affecting the storage time of the eggs.

Industrial Egg Cleaning Washing Machine

Product Description

1. The egg breaking rate is low and clean, and the whole production line adopts the modular production mode
2. The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 high-strength stainless steel, and the design is reasonable and durable, which is suitable for long-term continuous work flow
Designed for the waterline.
3. The engineering plastic parts produced by moulding and rubber parts can better meet the requirements of anti-
Corrosion requirements, greatly improving the service life of the equipment.
4. Clear operation interface, more simple and user-friendly, providing suitable for enterprises and individuals or large supermarkets
‘s model.
5. Two-stage four nano-molecular wear-resistant silk brushes, with super strong brushing ability and durable wear resistance. Whole line operation
Simple, low failure rate, easy maintenance

Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Power Capacity Weight Dimension
HT-D5000 380V/50Hz 10kw 5000pcs per hour 1000kg 8000*1200*1000mm

Product Pictures


Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 8000 × 1200 × 1000 mm





Stainless Steel 304


10kw, 380v,50Hz,Three-phase five-wire


380v 3 phase


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