Squid Shredding and Roasting Machine


Squid Shredding and Roasting Machine


This machine is an all-in-one machine, that is, machine has 3 functions at the same time: baking–flattening–drawing. Very practical equipment. Easy operation and high efficiency.

Squid Shredding and Roasting Machine

Product Description

1 baking, flattening and drawing function integration;
2 automatic temperature control, temperature can be adjusted;
3 flattening and drawing separately USES the import high quality gear reduction motor, durable.And running oiseless and wire drawing effect is good
4 a working plane, the whole process of operation.Freshly baked now sell at a glance.
5 suitable for the primary and middle school campus, station, bazaar, busy streets, parks, subway stations and supermarkets, such as the densely populated place, is your good assistant in enrichment.
6 grilled squid silk, squid pie, sweet fish fillet, Man fish, fish, fish and shrimp, etc., can also be roasted dried beef, pork, dried, seaweed, etc., drawing the thickness can be arbitrary adjustment, function more perfect

Technical parameters

Model HT-YYSJ1
Voltage 220V 50hz
Power 3.3kw
Roast power 3kw
Motor power 0.24kw
Oven temperature 0-300°C
Rotary speed 24r/min
Cutting speed 70r/min
Net weight 90kg
Machine size 1480*600*1070mm

Product Pictures

Shredding Machine Squid Machine Shredding Machine Squid Squid Cutting Machine

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 1480 × 600 × 1070 mm





Stainless Steel






220v, 50Hz


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