For more than 60 years since the factory was built, ZS MACHINERY have a number of engineering cases all over China.

  • Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam left bank MQ2×1250kN-60m tail water bidirectional gantry crane
  • Sichuan Dagangshan Hydropower Station dam top 2X1600KN one-way gantry crane
  • 2x800kN one-way gantry crane for the South-to-North Water Transfer Project
  • Xiaolangdi Hydro-junction 500 tons/50 tons bi-directional dam top gantry crane

Dahua Bridge 200T Gantry Crane, Mobile Hoist.

The gantry crane is arranged at an elevation of 1481.00m in the dam section of the inlet, which is used for the opening and closing of inlet gates, hoisting, hoisting of inlet gates and hydraulic hoists, and opening and closing of trash racks at inlets. Do not grab the lifting and operating hydraulic pressure. The door machine is a two-way gantry crane, and one set of rotary crane is installed around the upstream door. The opening and closing and lifting of the inlet inspection, the installation and maintenance lifting of the inlet gate and its hydraulic hoist are carried out by the main hooker of the gate machine; the opening and closing of the inlet rack and the operation of the hydraulic cleaning The grab is responsible for the rotary crane. Main car configuration inlet access door hydraulic automatic grab beam 1 set

  • Bilateral gantry crane 2000kn/630kn/630kN-48m55m at inlet of Dagangshan Hydropower Station in Sichuan Province
  • 2x1500kN two-way gantry crane for the South-to-North Water Transfer Project
  • Dagangshan Hydropower Station Dam Top 7000kN-20m (Tilt-pull) Bidirectional Gantry Crane
  • Yellow River Dahejia Hydropower Station Tailwater 2×2000kN Bidirectional Gantry Crane
  • Jinping City I Hydropower Station Inlet 3200kN650kN-115m125m Bidirectional gantry crane

2x1500kN two-way gantry crane for the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

The Taosuan Canal Head Project is located at Taoluo Village, Suichuan County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. It is the head of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and is also a landmark of the Danjiangkou Reservoir’s auxiliary dam and the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The head of the canal is 162 meters above sea level, 100 meters wide, and the main canal is below the head gate. It has a total length of 8.9 kilometers. The head of the ditch headgate is 176.6 meters in elevation with an axis length of 265 meters. The elevation of the bottom of the sluice gate is 140 meters, divided into 3 holes, the hole size is 7 meters wide, and the height is 6.5 meters. The designed flow rate is 350 cubic meters per second and the flow is increased up to 420 cubic meters per second. After the completion of the midline project, Taosuan Canal head became a “faucet” to send water to regions in northern China’s Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. The main buildings of the Taoxuan Canal include diversion canals, gravity dams, diversion gates, stilling pools, power plant buildings, and management buildings.

There is a QM2x1500/300kN gantry crane at the head of the canal gate, which is installed at the elevation of 176.6 meters at the inlet of the sluice and the power station. The gantry crane is equipped with an independently operated trolley, and a 300 KN rotary crane is installed on the right side of the upstream.
The QM2x1500/300KN gantry crane consists of a trolley device, a trolley running mechanism, a mast, a swing crane, a hydraulic automatic grab beam, a trash rack lifting beam, a hydraulic cleaning grab, and electrical equipment.

2×1500/300KN gantry crane main technical parameters:
1, the main lifting mechanism
Rated opening door force 2x1500kN
Lifting height
Total lifting height 60m
Lift height 13 m
Lifting speed 0.5~5 m/min
Roll diameter 1550 mm
2, car operating agencies
Operating load 2x1000kN
Operating speed 1.5~3m/min
Track distance 8.3 m
Base distance 3.2 m
Wheel diameter  630 mm
8 wheels
Maximum wheel pressure 685 kN
Hydraulic drive parameters
Driving force 2x1000KN
Holding capacity 2x185KN
3, cart operating agencies
Operating load 2x1000kN
Operating speed 1.95 to 19.5 m/min
Track distance 8.5 m
Base distance 11 m
Wheel diameter  710 mm
16 wheels (eight of them are driving wheels)
The maximum wheel pressure 573kN
4, rotary lifting mechanism
Rated opening force 300kN
Lifting height
Total lifting height 58m
Raise height 11 m
Lifting speed 5 m/min
Roll diameter 900 mm
5, rotary crane swing mechanism
Rotary radius 12m
Rotary speed 0.4rpm
Rotary angle 180o
2×1500/300KN gantry crane features:
The trolley is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, convenient in operation and control, and it can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation (speed range up to 2000:1). The cylinder drive has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, small movement inertia, fast response speed, and easy automation control. When using electro-hydraulic joint control, not only can a higher degree of automatic control process be achieved, but it can also be remotely controlled.


Dagangshan 2×160 Tons Mobile Hoist

The 2×1600kN one-way gantry crane in the tailgate chamber of the Dagangshan hydropower station in Sichuan is mainly composed of a hoisting mechanism, a vehicle running mechanism, a mast, a cable reel, a clip rail, a driver’s cab, a car buffer device, and electrical equipment. Etc. The gantry crane attachment has a set of hydraulic automatic grab beams and track attachments.

2x1600kN gantry crane main technical parameters
1. Lifting mechanism
Rated lifting capacity 2×1600kN
Working level Q2
Lift height 27m
Rail lift 9.2m
Lifting speed 0.5~2.5/0.5~5m/min
Pulley ratio 6
Reel diameter 1.5m
Wire Rope Model 38ZAB6×36SW+IWR1670ZS
Reducer QJS-D560-50
Brakes USB3-I-EB300/50
Motor Model YZP315M-8
Height indicator BGD400 three-in-one type
Load Sensor ZY-20t
Anemometer WJ-1
2. The vehicle operating agency
Operating load 1200kN
Operating speed 3~30 m/min
Working level Q2
Wheel diameter 800/mm
Walking distance ~150m
Track Model QU120
Gauge 5.5m
Track 11.7m
Reducer model PWA9055R4-125
Motor Model YZPE160L-4
Rail clamp NLSJ-B2
The door hoisting mechanism adopts open type transmission, and the driving mechanism of the lifting mechanism is:
YZPB315M-8 type motor → QJS-D560 reducer → open gear drive → reel → pulley block → hydraulic automatic grab beam → gate (up, down). The trolley running mechanism is equipped with two sets of electrohydraulic rail clamps. When the vehicle is parked, the rail clamper automatically clamps the rails to prevent the wind from pushing the crane.

The Dahejia Hydropower Station of the Yellow River is located at the junction of Minhe County in Qinghai Province and Jishishan County in Gansu Province. The project is one of the major key construction projects in Qinghai Province during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period. Its main development task is power generation. The hub is mainly composed of riverbed power plant, flood discharge gate, right bank sand gravel dam, left bank concrete impervious wall and central control building, GIS room and other buildings. The normal water level of the reservoir is 1783.00m and the total storage capacity is 3.9 million m3. The installed capacity of the power station is 142MW, and 4 sets of GZ (928)-WP-700 Bulb Tubular Units have a stand-alone capacity of 35.5MW and a rated water head of 9.3m.

A 2×2000kN/630kN bidirectional gate hoist is installed on the dam crest, and it is installed on the crest of the 1786m elevation platform.
The main hoisting mechanism of the 2×2000kN/630kN dam top gantry crane is used to open, close, hoist, install and overhaul the access gate of the power station intake, the main and auxiliary trash racks at the inlet of the power station, and the accident check gate of the flood discharge gate; It is used to open, close, lift, install, and inspect the gate for importing sand holes. In order to complete the above work, the door machine carries a total of 4 sets of hydraulic automatic grab beams.
The gantry crane consists of 2×2000kN/630kN trolleys, gantry structure, carriage operating mechanism, clip rail device, driver’s cab, trolley power supply device, anemometer, lightning rod, cable reel device, trolley rail, windproof anchor device and Embedded parts, electrical equipment and 4 sets of hydraulic automatic grab beam and other components.
The main lifting mechanism is a double hanging point, which is driven by two sets of transmission mechanisms. Each set of transmission mechanism includes a motor, a coupling, a working brake, a speed reducer, a DC type reel coupling, a reel device, and a reel. End brake, pulley block, wire rope, load and height limiter, etc. The two sets of transmission mechanism are rigidly connected through the intermediate shaft and the coupling to ensure mechanical synchronization when the double hanging point is opened and closed.
Main technical parameters of 2×2000kN/630kN dam top gantry crane:

The lifting mechanism of the gantry crane adopts a totally enclosed gear transmission with no exposed gears and is easy to maintain and maintain. The reel adopts a fold line rope groove double reel, the steel wire rope is fixed in the middle of the reel, and 2 layers are wound. The return angle of the wire rope between the layers is not more than 2°, and the actual foldback angle is 1.5°.
The height indication device is installed on the end of the spool shaft. The device consists of a trip limit switch, an absolute encoder and a display unit.
Load limiters have overload and underload protection. The gantry crane is also provided with a safety monitoring and management system

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