Zhengzhou Hydraulic Machinery registered trademark “ZS” in 1981. It is one of the first large enterprises in China to study concrete mixers. Automatic Control Concrete Mixing Station (Building) is one of our leading products.

  • Production techniques (e.g., Modular manufacturing, Intelligent software detection)
  • Oversized concrete mixing plant R&D and production (e.g., Involved in four major Chinese technology and equipment to develop science and technology public relations project;Three Gorges Project 4X4.5 cubic super large pre-cooling micro-control concrete mixing buliding;Longtan Project 2×6 cubic super large pre-cooling micro-controlled concrete mixing station building.etc.)
  • Environmental Research. Optimize design of concrete mixing plant to reduce environmental pollution.

Batchplant Research

From standard concrete mixing plant to super large concrete mixing plant, ZS MACHINERY has been forging ahead on the monument of quality.

In 2003, ZS completed the manufacturing task of the HL420-2S6000L mixing plant of the National Key Technology Equipment Development Project of the “15”;The mixing building was put into operation in 2004 at the Longtan Hydropower Station in Guangxi, it is a new product independently developed by China, and it is the most powerful ultra-large forced-computer controlled pre-cooled concrete mixing plant in the world with high productivity, and it is also the most efficient type of building for producing RCC with a secondary air cooling system.

On December 20th, 2005, the three units of this type of building were used to create a world record for the production 20,677m3 in one day in the Longtan Project in Guangxi.

In July 2007, this type of building was awarded by the Ministry of Water Resources as “Okyu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award (First Prize).

Its a proud and memorable time!

From 1986 we have forged ahead with the development of concrete mixing plantthe Three Gorges Project, Completion of the “7th Five-Year Plan” National Key Scientific and Technological Projects – A pilot project for the Three Gorges Project – Hunan haoqiangxi Power Station HL240-4F3000 concrete mixing plant;

In1994, ZS completed the “8th Five-Year Plan” national key scientific and technological project – the development task of the Three Gorges Project HL240-4F3000LB type ramming mixing building, and won the first prize of “Science and Technology Progress” of the Ministry of Water Resources.

In 1997, ZS completed the “9th Five-Year Plan” national key scientific and technological research project (major technical equipment) a three-gigabyte ultra-large computer-controlled precooling type smashing building HL360-4F4500 development task, and won the first prize of scientific and technological progress.

The current product has been upgraded to the fifth generation, divided into four major series of ten small series.

A  Hydropower Station Mixing Station Series

1.Hydropower Self-drop Mixing Station/Plant;  2. Hydropower Compulsory Mixing Station/Plant; 3. One Station Double Mixer Model Hydropower Mixing Station

B Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Series

1. Commercial Concrete (Environmental) Mixing Station/Plant; 2. No Foundation Mixing  Plant Series

C High-speed Rail Construction Mixing Station Series

D Environmental Series Mixing Station

1. Top-mounted (environmental) Mixing Station; 2.Built-in Mixing Station/Plant