1. The mixing machine adopts WBHT series dry-mixed mortar mixer produced by international leading brand WAM. The most advanced plough-type stirring mechanism and its core technology application can effectively improve the mixing capacity of the mixing host and prolong the service life of the mixing host.
2. High-speed rotating cutter heads can be used to disperse the wrap-around material with high mixing uniformity and fast mixing speed. The stirring time of the mixing machine is 90S-180S, and the mixing efficiency is extremely high.
3. There is a special dynamic manual sampling port, which is convenient for users to sample and test, and can adjust the stirring time of the mixing machine according to the detection of the product, and meet the production requirements with the highest productivity.
4. The main body of the mixing cylinder and the stirring blade adopt the imported alloy wear plate, and the high-speed flying knife adopts the wear-resistant alloy casting, which has extremely high wear resistance. Can improve the life of the mixing host.

The weighing system uses a stable and reliable pull sensor; the soft connection uses the latest patented design, good air permeability and dust resistance, can effectively ensure the weighing accuracy; sand, cement, powder additives and other materials classified measurement; Ingredients can improve speed and high precision dosing

In view of the problem of large dust during loading of mortar mixing station, special dust collectors are required to collect dust, especially in the batching layer, the material discharge layer, and the automatic baler of the bulk system;

Each joint adopts a fully sealed structure or a patented soft connection interface, which not only guarantees the air permeability of the weighing process, but also ensures that dust removal and environmental protection.

The top of each powder tank adopts dust collector + pressure safety valve, which can effectively control dust, improve the working environment, make the dust emission meet or exceed the national environmental protection level requirements, and ensure clean and environmental protection within the station.

According to the product type and the number of uses, there are two systems, bulk system and automatic packaging, designed to meet different needs. Under the mixing machine, a large-volume pre-storage bin for the finished product and a powder flap for diverting the finished material are provided. Production can be selected according to the type of product and the amount of use. When bulk materials are required, the bulk materials can be directly discharged into the dry mortar vehicle. When packing and storage are required, the finished material is fed into the automatic baler through a screw machine under the flap door, and the packed material is sent to the finished product warehouse for storage through a belt conveyor.

Bulk system uses self-induction lifting bulkhead to ensure that the material is accurately discharged into the transport vehicle; with dust removal device to reduce unloading dust.

Automatic packaging system is fully automatic microcomputer control, intelligent identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, accurate weighing; all sealed body and equipped with dust removal port, truly realize environmentally friendly production; one person operation can realize automatic and rapid packaging of two packaging machines, High intelligence, automatic entrainment, filling, closing and sealing functions, stable performance, simple operation, automatic sealing; Conveyor will automatically send the bagged material to finished product warehouse.