How to Save Tariff when you import goods?

How to Save Tariff when you import goods?

When you import goods abroad,you may need to pay some customs duties. At this time, you may meet one question, how to save tariff maximally within the scope of the law?
In this article,I will tell you one easy and high-effective way. As you may know, the amount of the tariff is mainly determined by the amount of imported goods and the tariff rate. When the tariff rate is determinated, thelower the goods amount is, thefewer customs you need to pay. Is it right?Yes,of course it is. Now you may have a doubt, how do I show a lower amount to the customs authority?The customs authority usually judge the goods amount by the commercial invoice.So if your commercial invoice have a lower amount,you can save a lot of customs.And to the exporter,the amountin the commercial invoice hardly has any effect to themselves.You just need to try to ask your exporter to make a lower amount on the commercial invoice.In the past,many customers asked us to write a lower amountin the commercial invoice. In order to provide better and better service to customers,our company usually will accept customers’ this demand.The following are some screenshots:


As you know,Trump imposes a 25% tariff on Chinese exports to the United States.Butthis does not stop US customers importing goods from China.The American people are very smart, they thought of a solution quickly.The following is one screenshot,which shows that one Amercian customers asked us to write lower amount on the commercial invoice to reduce the custom tax.


How to apply for writing lower amount on the commercial invoice from Hento company?

You just need to tell you demands to your sales representative.You sales representative will write a application and submit to the financial departmnet.After the financial department agreed,the related person,who make the documents, will make the commercial invoice for you.
Besides this above way,there are many other ways to help you to save customs when you import goods abroad,such as choosing a proper HS code,get some usefully certificates(for example:CO,FORM E,FORM A,ect.),choosing a professional forwarder and so on. These methods can be used in combination with the above method. Due to space limitations, this article does not provide a detailed introduction to other methods. If you want to know more, please contact our customer service staff.One of our service email is

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