Metal Structure Engineering

ZS MACHINERY provided metal frame equipment for a number of hydropower plants and thermal power plants in China;

There are many world-famous projects in China, and all of them have ZS hydraulic equipment. For example, the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River and the Xiaolangdi Project on the Yellow River.

  • Before and after 1997, ZS MACHINERY participated in the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project. Provides 5.6×6.4—122.05 sand removal hole eccentric hinged radial gates, 11.5×17.5—17 surface hole radial gates, 5.4×13.05-100 orifice plate hole accident doors, and MQ400t-120m crest bidirectional gate machine for the Xiaolangdi Water Control Project.

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Before and after 1999, ZS MACHINERY participated in the Three Gorges Water Control Project on the Yangtze River. For the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project on the Yangtze River, it provided the 5*6.63-100 sand-banking plane water blocking accident sluice on the left bank, the 7×11-85 flood-deep deep-hole plane accidental sluice on the left bank, the left bank 10×15.426-43.378 drainage hole plane accidental sluice, the left bank 12.21 ×18.07-68.85 Imports and inspections of power station gates, 9.2×13.2-67 power plant entrance fast gates on the left bank, left bank MQ2×125t-60m tail water bidirectional gate machines and other important equipment.