Electric Control Research

In recent years, the control system of theZS MACHINERY mixing plant has been successfully developed by the company’s R&D city commercial mixing station microcomputer control one machine dual control system, and won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in the Henan Machinery Industry. In particular, the US-developed microcomputer control system has successfully transformed the United States’ huge concrete mixing tower imported from the Three Gorges Project and was hailed as a foreign shell and a Chinese core by the Three Gorges Corporation.

  • Electrical Control Design Standard: DL/T945-2005 “Periodical Concrete Mixing Building”,
    GB4064-83 “Safety Design Guidelines for Electrical Equipment”,
    GB50171-92 “Construction and Acceptance Codes for Panels, Cabinets, and Secondary Circuits for Installation of Electrical Installations”
  • Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License No.: [MC] Yuki No. 00000284-1

The microcomputer automatic control device is the fifth generation control software of our factory. This software has obtained the national invention patent on December 31, 2008. Control system patent number: ZL 2006 1 0017550

The technology is mature and advanced, with high precision of automation ingredients, zero adjustment, rapid and accurate school scale, modern quality management, stable and reliable performance, and easy operation and maintenance.

Mixing plant information management system is mainly for commodity companies to provide comprehensive information solutions, using the network environment under the C / S (CLIENT / SERVER) model, using Windows & NT as the network platform, to achieve the sharing of information and resources.

This system is centered on production control, centered around office automation, concrete quality control, and information analysis management. It is subdivided into a manager query subsystem, a material management subsystem, an operation management subsystem, a laboratory management subsystem, and a production scheduling manager. The system, on-site production control subsystems, system maintenance subsystems, etc., orderly control and manage the relevant information in the production process, share this information with each company’s management level, and achieve resource sharing and effective decision-making.

Using computer, PLC control, intuitive operation, precise control, can automatically correct the error

Machine Sand Production Control System
Adopt PC+PLC + frequency converter, soft starter control mode, convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection