Are you ready to Earn Commission from Hento Company?

Are you ready to Earn Commission from Hento Company?

VIP customer play a pivotal role in the development of our company. To express our thanks,Zhengzhou Hento Machinery Company will give commission to our VIP customers if he or she introduce new customers to us.The commission will be calculated by the amount of the new customers’s order.It is 1% of the total amount,and the commission can be calculated all the time if the new orders placed.


How is this commission given out?

The process is very simple.When you introduce new customers to us,you just need to gave the information of the new customers to the sales representative.Then the sales representative will submit this information to the related departments.The related depasrtments will register your information together with the news customers’ information.After the new orders place,the financial department of our company will calculate the amount of the commission and then send this commission to you. Usually,the commission is given as the following items:

1.If the commission amount exceeds $100, Hento company will transfer it to the bank account provided by the introducer. The transfering fee is born by Hento company.
2.If the amount is less than $100,Hento company will transfer it to the bank account provided by the introducer. The receiver need to bear the transfering fee.If the receiver think the international transfering fee is too high(usually about $25, some countries may charge more than $60.),he/she can wait for a well to let the commission amount to be over $100.And he/she can also adopt to the item 3 below.
3.If you donn’t want to get the commission too earlier or want to redeem gifts,or serve as part amount of your next order,it is also a good idea.No matter redeeming gifts,or letting the commission to serve as part amount of the order,it is indeed a better choise,because you will get a better value than you spend the same money to other thing.Of course,this is just a suggestion.It is dertimined by you to choose the way to pay the commission. Now,let’s take an example.Guesing you introduce one customer,he/she place an order of USD10,000 at first time,you will get a commission of USD100.If he/she place one order of USD20,000 again some day in the future,you can get another more commission of USD200.The more amount the clients’ order is,the more commission the introducer will get.

Haha,it is so big income and in fact you needn’t to do much work. Are you thinking like this? Please take action and introduce our machines to the people around you immediately. To contact us, you can send email to your sales representative,or send email to the customer service (

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