Cooking Jacketed Pot with Stirring


Cooking Jacketed Pot with Stirring


Jacketed pots are widely used in food processing and brewing, wine making, pharmaceuticals and daily chemical industries, as materials for melting, sterilizing, heating, blanching, pre-cooking, preparation, boiling, cooking and concentration.

Cooking Jacketed Pot with Stirring


Product Description

This Steam Jacketed Kettle with steam as the heat source, and has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, materials heat up fast, uniform heating and the heating temperature easy to control and so on. Widely used in candy, pastries, soft drinks, canned fruit juice, jam, preserves, dairy and food processing and brewing, wine making, such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as the material dissolves, disinfection, heating, blanching, cooking, preparation, boil, cooking and enrichment purposes. At the same time, also applies to large hotels, hotels, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises, units, institutions canteens, as a boiled porridge, stew, cooking, cooking and stewing of meat dumplings. For many years, majority of users agree that this product is actually improving the product quality, shorter working hours and better working conditions for excellent food equipment.


Technical Parameter

Model HT-KQ100 HT-KQ200 HT-KQ300 HT-KQ400 HT-KQ500 HT-KQ600
Capacity 100L 200L 300L 400L 500L 600L
Diameter(mm) 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200
Material SUS304/Q235B
Design temperature 145°C
Design pressure 0.35Mpa
Experiment pressure 0.44Mpa


Product Pictures

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 900 × 800 × 1300 mm




Stainless Steel 304





220/ 380V  50HZ


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