Passion Fruit Pulp Extractor Machine


Passion Fruit Pulp Extractor Machine


This machine is Passion Fruit Pulp Extractor Machine. When material crusher for crushing first, and then into the bowl for the separation of skin, juice and seeds into the seed shell, seeds and juice, the separation of meat again, so as to achieve the purpose of the separation of three.

Passion Fruit Pulp Extractor Machine


Product Description

This equipment is our company to absorb foreign advanced technology developed fruit (passion fruit juice) special equipment, in squeezing out the passion (passion fruit juice) at the same time, the passion (passion fruit) pulp, seeds can be separated, to get a single passion (passion fruit juice), single fruit (passion fruit peel) and individual passion (passion fruit) seeds, so this equipment is not only a passion (passion fruit Juicer), but also a passion (passion fruit) and fruit peeler (passion fruit) seed taking machine;

Structure characteristics and working principle: the machine is mainly composed of feed hopper, crusher, separation tube, sub – seed tube, transmission system, frame and so on.

When the material is broken through the crushing machine, and then enters the separation tube for the separation of the skin, the juice meat and seeds into the sub seed tube, and then the seeds and juice meat separation, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of the three.

Technical Parameter

Model HT-GZJ0.5 HT-GZJ1
Voltage 220v 220v/380V
Power 3kw 4KW
Capacity 500kg/h 1000kg/h
Dimension 1400*800*1400mm 1600*1000*1500mm


Product Pictures

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 1600 × 1000 × 1500 mm





Stainless Steel








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