Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine


Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine


Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine is used to press tea leaves into cake shape.

Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Description

* Four-post double plate steel structure, high precision, good rigidity, high compressive strength ;;

* Hydraulic circuit design is simple, horsepower demand is small, easy maintenance;

* Pressure, travel, packing, etc. can be pressed to adjust the process requirements;

* Adopt imported hydraulic components and electrical components, durable;

* Two-hand operation, with emergency stop and inching function, safe and efficient;

* The bottom of the machine is equipped with casters, mobile light, stable work;

* Optional optical protection device, work safer.

Technical Parameter
Model HT-CB1
control method Fully automatic computer board control
Dimensions  680 * 700 * 1800mm
Machine material stainless steel
Output 8pcs / h
Use the power 380V / 50Hz
Motor power 3kw
Maximum working pressure 21MPa
Cylinder stroke 400/300 / 300mm
Pressing method Hydraulic automatic
Forming station 3
Tonnage 25 + 15 + 15T
Product Pictures
Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 680 × 700 × 1800 mm




Stainless Steel





380V 50HZ


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