Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine


Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

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Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine is used to press tea leaves into cake shape.

Tea Cake Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Description

* Four-post double plate steel structure, high precision, good rigidity, high compressive strength ;;

* Hydraulic circuit design is simple, horsepower demand is small, easy maintenance;

* Pressure, travel, packing, etc. can be pressed to adjust the process requirements;

* Adopt imported hydraulic components and electrical components, durable;

* Two-hand operation, with emergency stop and inching function, safe and efficient;

* The bottom of the machine is equipped with casters, mobile light, stable work;

* Optional optical protection device, work safer.

Technical Parameter
Model HT-CB1
control method Fully automatic computer board control
Dimensions  680 * 700 * 1800mm
Machine material stainless steel
Output 8pcs / h
Use the power 380V / 50Hz
Motor power 3kw
Maximum working pressure 21MPa
Cylinder stroke 400/300 / 300mm
Pressing method Hydraulic automatic
Forming station 3
Tonnage 25 + 15 + 15T
Product Pictures
Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 680 x 700 x 1800 mm




Stainless Steel





380V 50HZ


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