Bread Cream Jam Injection Machine


Bread Cream Jam Injection Machine


HT-DI100 type automatic quantitative feeding machine, as a professional equipment that can improve the production efficiency, unify the product quality and add the product category, is an essential equipment in the bakery, cake shop and confectionery store.

Bread Cream Jam Injection Machine


Product Description

HT-DI100 type automatic quantitative feeding machine is a kind of advanced equipment that can accurately quantify and automatically infusing semi-fluid raw materials. This machine can be used for core casting for bread, cake and puff; or can be used for paste filling for cup-type cake, doughnut and bread. The digital display and setup system allows easier, faster and more accurate quantification. With the mode toggle button, the user can easily switch the automatic digital quantitative feeding mode and manual quantitative feeding mode. Three kinds of control modes include: foot (hand) control, photoelectric sensor control and external signal control, which can further improve the operability of the equipment. After changing different discharge heads, the machine can be more widely applied in the product production.

(1)cream, jam, chocolate injection core:

Applicable to a variety of different product cores, including: bread, cakes, puffs and so on. The hollow needle tube is inserted into the interior of the product and the filling is directly injected into the product without damaging the appearance of the product. According to the length and diameter of different products, different sizes of injection needles can be customized.

(2) Injection

Various fluid, semi-fluid materials can be injected into any shape of container, including: jams, juices, salad dressings, ice creams, cake batters, and the like. Automating the belt and sensor installation.

(3)Hand gripping

The gripping method allows you to make your shots free of space. The replacement nozzle (cream decoration nozzle) can be used to decorate various cakes. You can squeeze ketchup, bean paste, chocolate sauce (heating device), salad dressing, and more. Manual control allows you to perform dosing.

(4)Cream flower

A creamy flower mouth converter is installed, and the mouthpieces with different sizes can be exchanged for cream crepes.

(5)Flat coating

The coated nozzle (coating width and coating thickness) can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Chocolate and jam can be applied to the bread; cream on the cake; salad dressing on the sandwich; Equipped with conveyors and sensors can be automated.

(6)Porous discharge head

Porous discharge head for various special injection conditions.

(7)Barrel heating belt

The barrel heating tape is divided into two parts, cone and vertical, and the knob adjusts the temperature.

(8)Stirring and pressing device

The stirring and pressing device rotates to press down the poorly flowing material.

Technical Parameter

Model HT-DI100
Voltage 220v
Power 0.4KW
Hopper capacity 5-20L
Dimension 400*400*670mm
Weight 25kg
Package Volume (1)20 liters bucket (included below): 530mm*470mm* 660mm
(2)30 liters bucket:580mm*470mm* 710mm
(3)40 liters bucket:600mm*480mm* 760mm
Package Weight 46-50kg


Product Pictures

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 670 mm



Hopper capacity: 5-20L


Stainless Steel








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