Industrial Coconut Milk Production Line


Industrial Coconut Milk Production Line


The machine process of this coconut milk production line is:
Coconut Dehairing Machine–Coconut Husking Machine–Coconut Peeling Machine–Coconut Grinder Machine–Coconut Milk Extractor Machine

Industrial Coconut Milk Production Line


Product Description

Coconut Dehairing Machine: 
Structure characteristics and working principle: This machine is composed of transmission parts, speed reducer, peeling active roller, peeling driven roller, out of the bucket, rack and other parts of the group.
when working, the driving roll, active and through a gear driven driven roller rotation, then put old coconut into between the two rollers, gently press the coconut, the old coconut in the peeling roller rolling, so as to achieve the effect of peeling.

Coconut Husking Machine:
The machine is mainly composed of cutter head, cutter tooth, transmission part, frame, etc., the motor is driven by the sprocket when working,
That the spindle rotation, so that is installed on both ends of the spindle of the two to turn, the knife dish knife plate is equipped with a number of the blade, blade removable, easy replacement, the front of the knife dish containing shelled, work puts coconut eye to tip of the shell bar at the top position, then put the coconut slowly inclined to deal with the shell on the cutter disc, gently rotating coconut, until the surface shell to remove clean;

Coconut Peeling Machine:
Suitable for the removal of coconut brown (fiber layer) and hard shell after the coconut surface brown skin removal, compared with the traditional manual planer peeling method, in the saving artificial at the same time, but also greatly improve the work efficiency;
Structure characteristics and working principle: The machine is mainly composed of the frame, peeling cutter head assembly, transmission and other parts.
Hand gently hold the coconut meat while working
Hold the peeling knife head, and then turn the coconut meat quickly to remove the skin on all surfaces of the coconut meat;

Coconut Grinder Machine:
This machine is suitable for grinding and crushing lump coconut meat to get granular coconut meat. It is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of deep processing of coconut meat.

Coconut Milk Extractor Machine:
This machine is suitable for crushing tomato, pineapple, apple, orange, blueberry, pepper, spinach, coconut meat and all kinds of vegetables press and dehydrate.
Compared with the traditional LZ screw juicer, it has the advantages of large output and high juice yield. It is especially suitable for the pressing and dewatering of fermented wine lees, soaked tea leaves, ground coconut meat and powdery chemical raw materials. It is widely used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Technical Parameter

Model Power Dimension Capacity
Coconut peeling machine 2.2kw 1250×850×1250mm 400-600pcs/h

Broken rate:5%

Coconut husking machine 1.5kw 1000×800×1000mm 120-360pcs/h
Coconut meat peeler machine 1.1kw 1000×800×1000mm 3-7pcs/minute

Paring knife:3 pcs

Coconut meat grinder HT-400 5.5kw 1000×940×1250mm 1500-2000kg/h

Grinder disk diameter:400mm

Screw juice extractor Single Screw HT-LZ0.5 1.5kw 910×385×810mm 0.5t/h
Double Screw HT-DS1 3kw 1400×385×810mm 1t/h


Product Pictures

Weight 2000 kg
Dimensions -- × -- × -- mm




Stainless Steel 304







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